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Now we are sailing, no chance of failing

This is what it feels like when you fly

Ayelet's Icons
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Yeah. I hate writing Bios. But anyways, just a few things to know about the new graphics journal:

1. I made it for the purpose of sharing my icons publicly (since my journal is friends only), so as of right now, it is public. If people do not obey the basic rules, I will have no problem making it members only with moderated membership. Because of that, you do not have to join or add it to your friends list by any standards, but it would be very nice if you would, simply so I could know who is watching and just for support.
2. Always comment, credit, and upload to your own server.
3. Most, if not all, of my icons are textless because my program hates text and makes it look fuzzy and ugly. So if you would like to use my icons as bases, feel free, as long as you comment and credit.
4. I am always up for requests for icons and colorbars, but know that if it's something like Rent, per se, chances are, I could let my bias get in the way and it might not get made. Plus there are only about 50,000 other people willing to make you that Rent icon.

And I think that's about all. Yay.